A Word of Warning For The Church Today

Watchman Steven E. Anderson-A Word of Warning From The Lord of Host.  https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback_ow.html?cid=conferences%2F-17-65-6784868984-17-65-6732-17-65-674171-17-65-67-17-65-67-17-65-67.mp3&e=1440993600000&cn=94-43-28-63

This is a Word of Warning from the Lord of Host.
Jesus has decreed from His Thrown-Judgment In His House of Prayer 1 Peter 4:17,18.

Thus Saith The Lord of Host:

You are going to start seeing more of My Judgment coming to pass in the earth. You are going to see increase in the things that My True Prophets are speaking of coming to pass in the earth from this day forward. For I shall bring forth My Judgments that I have withheld for many years. Now you are going to see more of My wrath displayed in your land in America. Now you will see the things My Prophets of Old spoke of coming to pass in this day and age Says The Lord.

Now I will bring forth My wrath upon those that have taken advantage of the women in My Church, My House of Pray. Now you will see those that live debase lives before Me fall down and cry out for mercy as I bring forth My Judgments.

I have for many years warned of the danger of testing Me; but many leaders in My Church have not heeded My warnings.

Now I will strike at the hearts of those that take advantage of the women in the Church. Now I will strike at the foundation of My Temple and what is not grounded in Me will fall.

Now is the appointed time for repentance in My Church. Now is the time for rededication to take place in My House of Prayer; [Says The Lord] or I will come to you and require you to explain your behavior Says The Lord.

For those of you who are faithful you will not be effected in your lives. You will not see anything happen to your children; you will not see anything happen against your houses, you will not see anyone come against you and harm you. You will not see your enemies triumph over you in any way Says The Lord of Host. For I will fight for you all the days of your lives; and victory will be your inheritance, and you will dwell in My Secret Place Says The Lord.

Spoke By:

Watchman Steven E. Anderson

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ.


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