To My Remnant Church In America

Bishop Steven E. Anderson

Thus Saith The Lord:

To My Remnant Church In America.

I see all that you have been through. I see those that have been holding you back from promotions and the true things that belong to you My Children; but I say to you This Day: I will give unto you a new beginning This Day. This Day is your start over Day. This Day is your New Beginning Day, for I have seen those that have mocked you because of your righteous living, I have seen those that talk about you behind your back. I have seen the ones that have been your friends and now that you have parted ways from you they want to see you stumble and fall; but I say to you This Day. This is The Day of Revenge, for My Word Says that Vengeance is Mine and I will now begin repayment for all they have done against you My Children.

I will now move upon those that have mocked you behind your backs, I will now place My Hand of Judgement upon their lives for what they have done against you. Now you will see their lives come apart very soon and you will know that it is I that is manifesting My Words of Judgement upon them; for I have given them time to repent but they have not.

Think it not strange when you see people that you thought where living holy stumble and fall, for you know not their secret sins and the secret lives of sin that they lead; but as for you My Remnant, you will see the manifestation of My Blessings upon your lives. Very soon you will see more and more opportunities for better jobs and promotions. Also even in this time you My Remnant, you will see opportunities for growth in the area of businesses, for I have hidden riches still in the land of America that unholy people know nothing about.

So come to Me My Remnant and seek My hand for the wealth that I have stored up for you. This is your New Day, this is you Day of Renewal, this is your Day of Refreshing.

I The Lord Have Spoken.

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ

Bishop Steven E. Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International USA

Watchmen Ministries International South African

Watchmen Ministries International Kenya


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