Hell Is Real

Watchman Steven E. Anderson

I was talking to The Lord about the violence we are seeing in America; He told me that only those that live holy will be protected.

The Lord said; the protection stated in His Word [Psalm 91] is only for those that are in His secret place. The Lord said-people cannot dwell in His secret place if they do not live holy.

Question: where do people think the secret place is? There are people that are thinking they are in Jesus’ secret place while they are in a backslidden state. Picture it this way; while they are having sex with their sex partners they are right in front of The Throne of God committing filth regularly in the presence of The Lord-[His Secret Place]. People that are living like this have miss understood His Word.    

We must live holy today to have our hedge sealed. This is not the time to backslide. This is not the time to try to calculate how much sin can be done before Jesus brings correction. This is not the time for planning a weekend of sex and alcohol with the intention of asking Jesus for forgiveness before Sunday service.

Anyone today that is participating in this kind of life style should know they are taking their lives into their own hands; and may not get the chance to say Lord forgive me. Anyone living this kind of life may find themselves crying out-Lord please, please don’t throw me in hell as they are exiting their bodies-seeing the demons they invited into their lives via fornication and sexual debauchery.

The Holy Spirit has shown me hell and I have seen the pit where many fornicators go; it truly is beyond words the heat, pain and suffering that goes on there.  

There are too many scriptures in the Word of God that says-evil life styles bring separation from The Lord.

Hebrews 10:26-31

Matthew 13:6,7

John 15: 1-10

Galatians 5:21

Colossians 1:13

Revelation 3:5

I hope that people don’t take any chances with their salvation.

I Love Everyone.

Watchman Steven E. Anderson

Overseer House of Prophets/Watchmen School of Prophets



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