To The Remnant

Bishop Steven E. Anderson

Thus Saith The Lord: To The Remnant Church In The World.

I will lead you to a higher place in Me, My Remnant Church. To higher ground in My Kingdom-Isaiah41:18-20. Many of you think that what you have is all that you will have; but that is not the case at all. You have given up on many of My promises to you; but now I will show you something new-Isaiah 43:18,19.

Now is the time that you will see a shift in the spirit and in the natural. Now is the time that I will manifest those things that you have given up on and gave back to Me. Now is the time for you to rejoice in My work over your lives. I know it has been hard for you as you waited on Me to move, but now take comfort in My promises to you. Now rethink; now reexamine, now reflect on those things that I said to you in the past few years, months and days. Now slow down and listen to Me again like you did before; before the trouble came and attacked you. I said in My Word that tribulation is in the world-John 16:33. But now you see you have come through it-Isaiah 43:1&2. 

Set aside time for one week to rethink My promises I gave you. Take time to rethink My goals that I gave you for your life. Then bring them back to Me and listen for My readjustments. You will see the goals and the readjustments manifested in your life. 

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ

Bishop Steven E. Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International  

Watchmen School of Prophets

House of Prophets


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