To The Pastors Living Evil Lives

Watchman Steven E. Anderson

Thus Saith The Lord of Host:

Those Pastors that are living evil lifestyles will be exposed. Those that are in charge of churches and your lives are not in My will; your works of evil will be exposed.

I will break your churches down in agreement with My Word in Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34 and I will charge this action to you Pastors that have abused My flock. You will be disgraced in your congregations as I expose the sin in your lives that you work so hard to keep hidden. You will be disgraced in your communities as I reveal your un-repented sins to the people you fear more then Me.

And your lives will be disgraced in every form of the media, for you have said in your hearts; I have nothing to fear from The Lord, for He knows my heart. But you have deceived yourselves, and you have deceived many in your churches into thinking that you are living holy, but I see your hearts and I see all of your sinful actions rising up to Me as a stench in My nostrils as you work to deceive your members.

But I The Lord of Host will expose your evil lifestyles to your members and then to the world and shame some of you into repentance and others I will remove from the world for not repenting.

I The Lord of Host Have Spoken.

Under the Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ
Watchman Steven E. Anderson
Overseer Watchmen School of Prophets
Overseer Watchmen Ministries International


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