Helping Our Youth Today

Helping Our Youth Today

On WMICC Radio Tonight 8pm EST 2/25/2k14

Balance Is The Key Word-Text The Book of Proverbs

  • Youth form most of their opinions from their peer groups
  • Media Events-Concerts ECT
  • Social Media-FB, Twitter, Instagram, What’s App, ECT
  • Music is the #1 media that shapes opinion for youth today

Some parents it seems must compete for time in the world of our youth, but we must make sure we do have time in their lives.

Balance is the key. We as parents must never push on youth to give up the things that are in their peer group.

  • Pushing youth to do something only brings anxiety into the life of the youth and the family relationship.
  • Parents must lead with a balance of rules, influence and advice.

Because of the social makeup of America parents must work a little harder to have more of a part in their youth’s lives today.

Parents must remember that they are still a significant part of their youth’s lives.

Youth Are Smart-they will always listen to their parents, they may not act like they’re listening but they are.

Parents & Youth must work together in balance to bring in positive substitutes for youth.

  • Today we have Christian Rap
  • Today we have Christian Rock
  • Are some examples

There are substitutes out there. Youth sometimes will not like the substitutes but if parent offer them young people will take note of this and at least try to listen to some of the Christian artist.

Parents must advise their young people because youth will take their parents advise; they will usually file it, but nonetheless they will use it when they see a need for it.

Parent Young People Love Fun

  • Keep your home fun, funny and joyful
  • This will encourage youth to have fun at home
  • This will lessen their time on the streets/out

Note-this should not be used to manipulate youth into staying at home.

Lead youth, set balanced rules; evaluate what their peer groups. No time with peer groups may make youth Outcast in all the peer groups at school and in neighborhoods.

Parents must teach youth to think independently of peer groups; youth are smart, if parents present their point of view youth will evaluate their parent’s advice along with their friend’s advice to make some decisions.

You must know how your young person thinks; so you can make the proper assessment on how to balance advice with leadership styles. Some youth need stronger rules to govern their lives, some do not need strong rules; parents must evaluate this carefully.

In conclusion: we as Christians must remember that The Lord will help us with are youth; he has grace for us and our youth. Grace here is Jesus’ anointing/ability upon our lives and situations for our good. Jeremiah 29:11

Jesus Will Help Both Youth & Parents.     

Bishop Steven E. Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International


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