The Broken Clay Pot

Watchman Steven E. Anderson
Thus Saith The Lord.

The Lord showed me a vision one morning of Him breaking a clay pot and throwing it down. I asked for the interpretation of the vision: The following was given to me from The Lord.

I will break all those in My Church that are operating churches in your own way; not following My will. I will break down the walls of the churches whose pastors refuse to obey My direct orders to teach My people holiness. I will break the walls of their homes [personal]; I will disrupt their order and their protocol. I will destroy their monuments [called churches] they have built for themselves.

The have stolen the wealth of the people; their people with absolutely no fear for Me in their hearts or minds. They have no fear or regard for the example of Ananias and Sapphira. 

They are relying on my mercy and grace for the continuation of their evil ways before man and Me. But this shall end; and I declare that it will end suddenly and swiftly.

You who are faithful will see with your own eyes the demise of those that have abused My flock [Ezekiel 34:1-10] ; for I The Lord shall come swiftly like a thief in the night [to their surprise] upon them requiring their explanation. 

Yes, you will see this with your own eyes, but it shall not come nigh you [My Faithful Remnant].

I The Lord of Host have spoken!

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ
Watchman Steven E. Anderson
Watchmen Ministries International Inc.
Watchmen School of Prophets/House of Prophets


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