The Reason They Are Afraid of You

Watchman Steven E. Anderson
The Reason They Are Afraid of You

The Lord has revealed to me that many Pastors are afraid of the people they oversee because of the True Anointing on their lives. There are too many Pastors that see church or the business of church as a competition. They are competing with other churches for members; they are competing with their members in their own churches for members. The way they do this is by holding back the members/ministers under them in their churches. In their minds any true Five Fold Minister in their church that displays Anointing, Preaching ability and Miracle Working Power given to them by Jesus is a threat to the overall success of their church/ministry because in their minds all preachers want to have their own church and be a Pastor someday. 

This is called the Pie Cutting Mentality also known as the Crab Mentality as well. The Pie Cutting Mentality is they see membership as a commodity; there is only enough to go around and if someone gets a bigger cut of the Pie then they get less of a cut for themselves. The Crab Mentality is if they see members in their church which we will call [the barrel] climbing to the top, they [the pastor] will pull them back down as they [the pastor] in their mind’s climb back up to the top. They see themselves like king Saul saw himself as David was rising in popularity and authority. These two factors have hurt many in the church because the ways in which Fearful Pastors run their ministries is, they usually hurt the members they feel will be successful if they had their own church; meaning these pastors feel their Anointed members will someday start their own church and take away some of their members [The Pie]. 

You see it is a numbers game to many pastors in the world of having a church. Anointed People’s success means less people for their own ministries thus they speak against the Anointed people under their authority[THIS IS WITCHCRAFT]. They often times hold The Lord’s Anointed back from walking in their destiny with lies; vain promises of someday getting an Ordination Certificate that will launch them [The Anointed Person] into their own ministry. 

I have been in Ministry all together now about 35 years the last 15 years have been Pastoring & Preaching. I have held just about every position in the Church from Usher to Deacon to Minister of Music ETC. And I have seen this behavior over and over again. One church I was a Deacon in only Ordained one person in nine years; one person in nine years. Amazing!

Let me make myself clear; we are in the End Times, the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few. The Lord has revealed to me that these false pastors and their, repeat their ministries are going to answer to Jesus very soon and will be dealt with very harshly; but for those that know that they have been called to do The Lord’s work you must not wait for these wicked pastors any longer. 

The Lord revealed to me in a Prophecy I released a short time ago that these Ministers that have been held back are in truth RELEASED BY JESUS TO DO HIS WORK. 
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If you are reading this Confirming Message and the Holy Ghost is speaking to your heart about this matter then make sure that you obey The Voice of The Lord.

Stop waiting for that Ordination Certificate that these false pastors are refusing to give you and redeem the time lost [reset the clock] by starting your Work In The Lord now. 

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ
Watchman Steven E. Anderson Overseer

House of Prophets / Watchmen School of Prophets 


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