The truth about Ebola is: it is transmitted exactly like the common flu; that is why they are cleaning areas where they know someone with Ebola has been. The public health officials are hiding the truth about Ebola to keep people from panicking but their efforts will cause harm to the public if people do not take the proper action.

Make sure that you are taking the proper precautions when you are out in the public concerning this matter. The best way for you to deal with this issue is to treat it like the flu.

Treat this matter as if there was a widespread flu outbreak at your work or school environment; don’t shake hands, keep hand sanitizer with you at all times and us it often, disinfect faucets, doors and handles with bleach when you can.  

Ebola can live outside of the physical body, so why are they [The Public Heath Officials] saying that it cannot be transmitted from surface contact. Why are they continuing to say that Ebola can only be passed on via bodily fluid contact only? Answer: to keep the general public calm. 

The truth is they don’t have a scientifically determined standardized-mandated test. Thus if they don’t have a mandated standard test method/procedure then they actually don’t know what time period a person can transmit Ebola and how long it can live outside of the body-like a flu virus does.

If a person touches the surface that has Ebola on it with their sweaty arm then their bodily fluids have come in contact with the live Ebola virus. If they know that the virus can live outside of a person’s body on surfaces then they can’t say the virus can only be transmitted via person to person bodily fluid contact after a person displays symptoms.

  • The truth is, Ebola can live for quit sometime outside of the human body. 
  • The Truth is; the Ebola incubation period is 2-41 days long: not 2-21 days.
  • The method in which health officials handle Ebola waist [Haz-Mat] gives insight as to the true danger of dealing with Ebola. A person does not dawn a Haz-Mat suite for something that is transmitted via touch only.
  • Like the Flu, if a person sneezes or coughs then the virus is in fact now airborne.   

Listen very carefully to what they are saying about Ebola and Pray, because the health officials do not know everything about Ebola and yet they do know more then they are saying as well.  

Bishop Steven E Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc.

House of Prophets/Watchmen School of Prophets





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