wpid-img_336173501803331.jpegFAKE WOMAN OF GOD

Fake Woman of God: there is too much sex in your ministry!

  • The Church Mothers in the church can’t receive your message because your dress is so short and tight they want to rap a sheet around you while you preach.
  • The men in the church can’t receive your message because they are looking in lust at your short tight dress and your 6” heels with 2” platforms as they think about having sex with you.
  • The single women in the church can’t receive your message because you dated their current boyfriend; now they’re going to ask him if he had sex with you.
  • The single men in the church can’t receive your message because your ex-boyfriends told them what you do in the bedroom.
  • The married women in the church can’t receive your message because they are wondering what their husbands think about what you’re wearing as your preach.
  • The married men in the church can’t receive your message because they are lusting after you in their minds and know their wives are going to ask them about what you have on when church is over; and they’re going to lie.
  • The gay men in the church think your outfit is cute. NOT LOL!
  • The lesbians in the church…
  • The young teen-aged boys in the church…

And the saddest thing: Fake Woman of God is the young teenaged girls in the church want to be just like you: a hypocrite that preaches something she doesn’t live and gets an offering to do it. THE DEACONS GOSSIP ABOUT THESE THINGS AND TELL THE PASTORS. THE PASTORS KNOW THESE THINGS AND STILL LET YOU PREACH.

All Rights Reserved: House of Prophets 2k14 Watchman Steven E Anderson




Overseer Steven E Anderson-Watchmen School of Prophets/House of Prophets


15 thoughts on “THE FAKE WOMAN OF GOD

  1. Unfortunately this is true because many of us fail to point people to Christ but rather encourage and embrace the accolades of men. So, it should not come as a surprise when the fake woman of God draws attention to herself–that’s the example she’s had before her.

  2. Wow! That was strong. Many feel the same but don’t want to be accused of judging. I give this a thumbs up for honesty and boldness. I probably would have stated it with a little more compassion, but maybe thats part of the problem. Thanks for making me think!

  3. I enjoy it when the truth is said. My problem is when you tear them down here, where is the instructions to build them back up? Anytime Jesus tore down he gave them a way to come back up. It’s wonderful to bring truth to the light, but with correction comes instruction in righteousness. Keep tearing down strong holds, but remember to rebuild also. I respect the God In you as he works through you.

  4. I do agree! I have been thinking thus for some time … Where is the standard and the separation. If they come like this to church the preached WORD, Worship, and Holy Ghost conviction should change them!!

  5. Amen. Watch, 5 fold – ministry of the church… especially the “Pastors”… oversee your church with spiritual eyes and ears. Too many spirits, false spirits are taking over the church and the Spirit of the Lord has departed. Recognize false evangelists, prophets, apostles, teachers, and pastors at all times without compromising for friendship, crowd or money.

  6. This is not the only kind of Fake female of God. Another is the one who wants to preach for the praise of men. The kind that craves the compliments of the people and will do anything to get them.This person desires this above all else. They dont really believe in the word of God, they know its real but not real for them. So they just say the words that believers do and that are in the bible, but they dont believe them. They are social climbers and they claim to believe in God and his word, but it never gets into them because,they its not their primary concern. Only when it suits their purposes do they say the words of God. But they dont believe the words work for them, and it true because it word is not mixed with faith. Faith is what is lacking in them and without faith it is impossible to get anything from God. Grace is the only way that anything even close to a miracle happens in their life. The only other way is if someone else prays for them and has the faith to bring about whats needed. Fake people talk the word but deny the power of the word and the power of God.

  7. First of all, high heels don’t mean anything and your right of some point. But I’m keeping my high heels, thanks.

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