The Blockade of Capitol Hill & The White House

Watchman Steven E Anderson

The Blockade of Capitol Hill & The White House.

As I follow recent events concerning the U.S. Government, I have noticed a recurring theme that rises to the surface again and again when I look at our governmental system. The Republic System of Government [Three Equally Powered Branches of Government aka Checks & Balances] was designed in part to be a buffer to the Democratic System of Government where 51% of whatever the people want, the people receive [A True Democracy aka Majority Rules]. One can see that the Democratic System would be quite chaotic if every time public opinion changed we had to change a law; or something in the way we run our government. However I have noticed that the Republic System’s flaws are rising to the surface more then every today as Congress and the White House refuse to cooperate.

On the outside the Republic System looks every healthy as you look at the letter of the law, but there is a problem that some people have been complaining about for some time now; this is the Lobby System. This is the legalized “air quote” system of bribery that exists in the American government. This system has been used by various businesses and social factions in America to achieve the goals of the entities that use this system. The problem is that this system has taken the focus off of what is primarily good for the people of America. The focus should always be on what are the needs of all the people in America; instead of what are the desires of the Republican/Democratic Parties or the rich/businesses in America? Sometimes it may be the furtherance of big business or the protection of the people from some threat that has arisen that requires action from our representatives on Capitol Hill and The White House. It is good to have a government in place that provides for all the people of its country, irregardless of social power or the lack there-of.

Lately I have noticed that the Congress and Senate have grown very detached from the basic and primary needs of the people they have been called upon to represent. I see that Congress as a whole has-for the most part moved away from caring for the basic needs on its people. Now I see that they have self-proclaimed agendas that are not attached to the needs of the people they have been elected to serve. I have also noticed that President Obama does not have the power that he once had to sway congress. He speaks eloquently as he always did but now the speeches do not have the power to change the minds of Congress as they once did before. The system of checks and balances have become a problem-so it would seem.

I think Congress and the Senate have created their own little world in DC. I think they have created a top floor penthouse atmosphere and in their minds they have deluded themselves into believing they are still serving the basic and primary needs of the people in America. They don’t take the elevator down to the ground floor much anymore; they seem to have everything they need in their penthouse so in their minds they don’t see the need to interact with the rest of America.

The rest of America has basic needs that super seed congress’  ideologies and selfish goals of power retention.

The Lobby System of America has fueled the blindness of Congress to interact with its people. Power Retention is the other thing that has fueled the blindness of American government.

Selfish ambition is one of the main problems in American government. When elected officials forgets the needs of the people and pursues their own selfish vision for the country, this is a dangerous place for the country to be in.

America’s Dangerous Place: Congress’ inability to relate to its own people.

Generally people in America are not elected to an office based upon their ability to function properly in that office. People in America are elected based upon their ability to market/advertise. The person that can market themselves is the person that wins the elections. Many people do not take the time to research a politician’s back ground through enough to make an informed decision to elect that person to office. Also the pool of honest, hard working people that want to run for office has dwindled significantly. In today’s society the people that are running for office usually do not have the character and integrity to be in the offices they are running for. Many elections have candidates where both/all are people with bad character and integrity; and Americans are generally so busy they do not have the time to research the people they are voting for.

Again it should be noted that in this last Mid-Term Election; only 36% of registered voters voted. 

Americans are usually encouraged to vote, so what happened with this voting cycle? Americans are growing more and more frustrated with politics. The politicians that are running for every primary and general election are, for lack of a better way to put this; usually bad people. I have seen this time and time again where the people that are elected and have the political power they have sought to gain, change and revert back to their true bad behavior. Note: I am born and raised in Chicago where more then 50 Chicago Alderman/City Officials have gone to prison in the last 40 years, also congressmen and four of the last seven Illinois-Governors have gone to prison including two back to back governors going away to prison. This is a good example of in-effective leadership in government. And for America there have been many Congressmen and Senators that have gone to prison. And for Presidents there have been several that have just missed going to prison. 

America is in a dangerous place when its own government fails to meet the basic needs of the people of America.

America is failing it’s people by not operating as a functioning government because of each political parties’-[Republicans and Democrats] own selfish desires out-weighing the needs of the people of America.

In Closing: the blockade of Capitol Hill and The White House will be a key component in the down-fall of America if not corrected in the very near future. 10291105_634600149982878_294467528950466946_n

Jesus said and I quote: “A kingdom that is divided cannot stand as a kingdom” Matthew12:25.

Watchman Steven E Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc.

House of Prophets

All rights Reserved: Deliverance Book 2k14



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