Michael Brown #FERGUSON

By Watchman Steven E Anderson

The African American Community has known for decades the social, economic and political injustices of America. African Americans have suffered at the hands of Caucasian Americans for over 400 years in this land called America. They suffered first as slaves until 1865; 1867 for African Americans living in Texas: then the oppression of African Americans shifted into a political/economic slavery.

Even though there has been sufficient evidence for most African Americans to never trust America-even with an African American President, we still at times want to trust the people that are in authority in this land. Once again America has failed in its responsibility to up hold its own laws of this land on behalf of all its people [white, black or otherwise].

It is sad that the Grand Jury in the #Ferguson case decided to not indict the killer [Officer Darren Wilson] of Mike Brown. They have failed in their duty to protect all Americans from; once again the unjust actions of white police officers in their dealing with African Americans.

District Attorney Robert McCulloch Intentionally Miss Prosecuted This Case

I am a former Chicago Police Gang Crimes Officer, and I have been before Grand Juries many times in Chicago and in my professional opinion States Attorney/District Attorney Robert McCulloch intentionally miss prosecuted this case do to his own deep seated racial resentment for the African American community based on the death of his father at the hands of an African American.

DA McCulloch intentionally; did not suggest a charge to the Grand Jury, intentionally overloaded the Grand Jury with unnecessary witnesses, allowed Darren Wilson to win the hearts of the Grand Jury with 4 hours of his testimony [this allowed the jury to form a bound] and neglect the fact that his testimony contradicted his earlier accounts of his actions and the list goes on and on.

In my professional opinion, it should be noted that DA McCulloch intentionally rush into the Grand Jury process in an effort to throw off not only the State of Missouri’s case against Darren Wilson but also the U.S. Justice Department’s case as well. By presenting so many witnesses that have nothing to do with the original short list of witnesses some of whom were actually white [the two construction workers that stated all he (Mike Brown) was doing was giving up]. DA McCulloch’s actions are designed to flood the U.S. Justice Department’s case with unnecessary transcripts to decipher and more witness accounts that have nothing to do with this case.

The Media/Court of Opinion

DA McCulloch is smart in the sense that he has chosen to cover his miss handling of the Michael Brown murder case by presenting an over load of sound bites in his press conference. The sad part to this is the media is acting like DA McCulloch’s miss direction of the facts to the Grand Jury is actual legal and just for him to do.

In other words; the media is acting like the Judicial System worked and we [African Americans] have somehow once again failed to see the wonderful, glorious process of the great American Judicial System at work. And what is even sadder is they don’t even know that they are wrong for their part in attempting to hide the injustice in this case an all of the other case were minorities have been wronged by the Police/Courts of America.

Caucasian America And Racism

I have noticed that whenever Caucasian Americans are confronted about race in America they run from their own inner fears of African Americans and their own prejudices; and for some they run from their own racial hatred of African Americans.

Race in America has always been a very uncomfortable discussion because in my opinion most Caucasian Americans don’t want to be made to feel guilty for their desire to rule over and oppress people they are afraid of. History has shown that Caucasian Americans see African Americans as a problem in their world of economic dominance. And to share power with a people they so arrogantly ruled over for centuries is to some Caucasians the worst thing that could ever happen to them. In the minds of many Caucasians in American; to share power is to allow the former slaves of the plantation to now have ownership of the plantation: this too many White Americans is simply unacceptable.

The American Government has officially apologized for its part in slavery: the U.S. House in 2008 and the U.S. Senate in 2009; notably immediately after the election of an African American President.

The only problem for America is the hearts of the people of America can’t be governed. People generally are their ideas and thoughts; meaning people act on what they believe verses the laws that govern a land.

I don’t condone the fact that African Americans have burned and looted parts of Ferguson MO; this is unacceptable behavior because this will increase the fear that White Americans already have towards Black Americans but many people outside of the African American community will never know what it is like to not have justice in America every time the police kill one of our children in the streets or see police brutality go un-checked.

White America’s Greatest Fear

White America is waiting for the revolution; they have armed themselves and are arming themselves in preparation for the revolt of all the minorities in America. They are doing this under the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. The sad part about this is it is easier to confront the issue of their role in racism in America then it is to prepare for the fear of minorities revolting. Violence by any race will escalate this issue and not solve it for America.

The Balance Is-White Americans That Truthfully See The Issue

It should be noted that there are millions of White Americans that see this issue of Race In America in its true light. It should be noted that I observed many White Americans protesting all across America concerning Mike Brown and the distrust that Black Americans have in the Judicial System.

Injustice In America Isn’t A Matter Of Race: It’s a Matter Of Rights

The White Americans that are marching across America in protest of the Michael Brown murder are Americans that can see injustice against one person is injustice against all of the people of America. They are seeing; meaning they are possibly understanding that today it’s injustice against African Americans but tomorrow it may be police against college students that don’t like war [Kent State 1970] or injustice against a group of people based upon tradition and social grouping [Bloody Sunday 1972 Northern Ireland].

When authority is unjust and goes unbridled/unchecked it then ceases to function as true authority; and the people of that state then ceases to see it a true authority.

People that live, see and feel the injustice of unjust authority will revolt because they see themselves as having no other alternative in order to survive.

America Has A Very Real Problem And It Better Get It Worked Out Quickly

I do not condone violence of any kind accept for the purpose of defending oneself. It is sad but in my opinion the unjust police shootings of African Americans will slow down because of the attention brought by the protest across America; but the truth is White Police Officers really do hate most African American males and subconsciously  think shoot first when dealing with Black  American Males. I am sure the shootings will rise to the forefront again, and I am sure this is the fear of the parents of not only Michael Brown but also the parents of all African American males.

On a side note, on most police reports Black as the race of the offender is the first choice, in Chicago PD this is stated as “male 1”; one meaning Black. If the offender is a Caucasian he is stated as “male 2”; two meaning White. And everyone knows about DWB aka [Driving While Black unjust traffic stops] and the unjust taxation of African American drivers via excessive moving violation tickets on Black Drivers. The Prison System: enough said.

Racism is truly set in the Judicial/Law Enforcement System of America and America must address it quickly because a country divided cannot stand.

I may be one of the first to say it but I see the end of America as we know it if America does not get a handle on this problem; meaning America has enjoyed the convenience of watching many parts of the world fall apart and change its governmental structure, but America will watch itself implode if it does not operate justly concerning its own people.

Remember, history has always shown that any-people that are oppressed will eventually revolt for the purpose of justice.


Watchman Steven E Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc.


All Rights Reserved Deliverance Books 2014 http://www.deliverancebooks.com/home.html




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