The Gathering of The Remnant Church


Watchman Steven E Anderson

Thus Saith The Lord: To the Remnant Church In America.

I have begun a Gathering of your affairs to be shifted to higher grown in the Various Realms in My Kingdom to which you My Faithful Ones are currently operating in.

I The Lord am gathering you that have chosen to live in holiness closer to My Desire for your lives. I The Lord am gathering you closer to MY HIDDEN PLANS FOR YOUR WONDERFUL FUTURE [Jeremiah 29:11].

Many of you will begin to feel My Unction in your hearts to relocate to countries outside of America like France; Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy as you begin to see more and more of My Harsh Judgements come upon the land of America.

Fear not at My Words in this Prophecy; this is new for you I know, but you will see the need to move within the next year and one half.

I The Lord of Host have grown weary with all that I am seeing in the land of America, I am seeing every sort of debauchery; homosexuality, same sex marriage, pornography, child pornography, adultery done by pastors and the government of America agreeing with homosexuality. All of this is rising up from this land called America as never before.

I am bringing very harsh judgements to the land of America and I will bring a more harsh judgement upon the land called America in the very near future as I see the lack of repents in this land.

But to you My Remnant/Obedient Ones; prepare to shift from your normal routines when I lead you. Prepare yourselves to move to new areas as I lead you to them; prepare to change work locations as I The Lord lead you to.

Prepare to shift to new dwelling places as you see the manifestations of My Judgements upon the land of America; for I have made a Solemn Promise with My Word to protect all that live obedient lives in My Kingdom.

Listen and think it not strange at the hearing of these Words for My Heart is greatly troubled concerning the evil that I am seeing rise up from the land of America. You will see My Judgements come to pass and I will bring to your remembrance the Words of this Prophecy; then you will know that you must move to higher ground as I flood America with My Judgement.

You My Remnant will be safe as you listen for My instructions and obey My instructions when I prompt you to move.

I The Lord of Host Have Spoken

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ

Watchman Steven E Anderson

House of Prophets
Watchmen School of Prophets


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