A Moment of Transparency


Watchman Steven E Anderson
Houses of Prophets

The Lord has shown me that many of the things we are seeing in the media today are stemming from the decision that are leaders have made in the past.

It may be harder to see this for many people  because they see life through their eyes of approval; meaning they are agreeing with the things that our leaders have done because it involves their lifestyle choices. Also many people have an I don’t care attitude about our government and many of the corporations that have led America’s social agenda in the last few years.

The things we are seeing in America concerning violence and the rise in nature disasters sadly to say are going to increas. If  you have noticed the people with the desire to have their will for evil imposed on many people are actually making gains in America.

This was seen in the fall of the early Roman Empire and should be heeded in our society today.

I am predicting that America will fall soon because as a whole the people/society of America desires to have [either via complacency or sheer unchecked desire for evil] a society that will agree with their imagination for sexual perversion.

I am aware that many people think that America is invincible but this is not true at all. Many people in America want to believe that because of what they focus on in their day to day lives is what will be in the future for America; many people think because America is here today it will always be here in the future but this is not true.

I want to think good things about America but The Lord is showing me a VERY BAD FUTURE FOR AMERICA ESPECIALLY IN 2016, I will write more about this in the future as The Lord allows me to.

Love To All & God Bless You

Watchman Steven E Anderson
Overseer House of Prophets
Watchmen School of Prophets


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