Watchman Steven E Anderson
Thus Saith The Lord:

There is a day on the horizon for America in late 2016 when China is going to launch an attack against America.

You have seen in your press for many years now how China has probed your cyber defenses; you have seen for many years now China training their Military Officers for combat against the United States of America, you also are seeing China’s attack against American finances. And you are aware of China ‘s ownership of over $1.57 Trillion of American debt owed to China.

And now at this present time China is planning an attack against America.

I The Lord have already given you My Remnant Believers a release to move to other countries but few of you have heeded My request.

Now I The Lord am releasing you from America and requiring that you move from America before  November 1, 2016.

By January 1, 2017 life in America will be vastly different then it is today. America will be severely damaged by war with China and its infrastructure; government and society will be vastly crippled.

I The Lord will provide an increase in monetary  provisions for you My Remnant to move to other countries. Heed these now My Words of warning and seek My Face as you plan out your futures’.

I The Lord will lead you but I will not force you to leave the country you love so much; but know this: America will be vastly incapacitated by war with China and many lives will be lost.

I mandate now that you My Remnant Church seek My Face concerning this matter, for many of you are deeply in love with American and cannot see the day when America will be devastated by China.

I am calling on you now My Remnant to come and talk to me in prayer concerning this matter; I will bring more revelation to you as you seek My Face in your prayer times. I The Lord will see to all your provisions needed for your transition to other countries only trust in Me and know that I will carry you in this matter.

I The Lord of Host Have Spoken

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ
Watchman Steven E Anderson Overseer  House of Prophets
Watchmen School of Prophets


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