Remnant You’re In My Strong Tower Now BUT….


Thus Saith The Lord To My Remnant Church
Spoken Through:
Watchman Steven E Anderson

You are in My Strong Tower Now but:

You can see how America and the world systems are not capable of sustaining you, only I The Lord can keep you safe and supplied with all your needs met. For what you are seeing is the dismantling of your country before your eyes.

I The Lord have spoken of these days for many years now and now they are here upon America. I have said in My Word [Jeremiah 12:17] that any country that denies Me will cess to be a nation, but even many of you continue to believe that I will not punish America for its debauchery; many of you still hope for America to turn around, but as you see America refuses to repent of her many hundreds of years of debauchery and continues on the same path today.

I The Lord have given you My Word that I will protect you but you My Remnant, YES EVEN YOU ARE MOVING SLOWLY IN THE AREA OF PREPARING TO LEAVE THIS LAND.

Many of you are deeply concerned about what you are seeing but you are not heeding My Warnings to leave America; instead you have chosen to ignore what I have said through this and other of My Prophets and Watchmen in America.

I will explain to you in more detail concerning America’s Days of Judgement on the horizon, but for now I’m imploring you My Remnant Church to heed My warnings about America’s coming fall in late 2016.

You My Remnant are going to see America fall because America has and will not repent national, many of you are interceding but your country is not responding to My calls for repentance. The mouths of My Prophets are being closed by your country’s appetite for debauchery and perversion.

My Prophets are being shut out of your country’s churches because they warn the people instead of entertain the people; but you shall soon see My Word, the Words of My Prophets coming to pass.

Stay way from entertaining churches: they will lead many people to their demise. Focus your time on Me and My Prophets, focus on your personal time with Me for WHAT I SAY AND HOW I LEAD YOU WILL NOT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE CHURCH IN AMERICA TODAY.


Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ

Watchman Steven E Anderson Overseer

House of Prophets / Watchmen School of Prophets

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