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1st John 4:2
I confess out of my mouth that Jesus is Lord and that he came to earth in the flesh and died on the cross for my sins and was buried and arose again the third day according to the Scriptures. I believe this and have accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.

My background is as follows: I was saved in the summer of 1970 and I worked in my earthly father’s church [Roseland Bible Church Chicago Illinois-Founder and Pastor Emeritus Apostle Walter R. Anderson] as an Usher and a Young Deacon from the age of seven years old until my teen years. My earthly father then retired from his Pastoral Work there in my teen years and I became a member of Moody Bible Church-Chicago Illinois under Pastors Dr. Warren Wiersbe and later Dr. Erwin Lutzer.

In my twenties I joined the United States Navy and went to church out at sea on the U.S.S Carl Vinson under Chaplain-Captain Kurtstine.
After the Navy I was a Deacon in Training [1995-1999] at Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church in Chicago Illinois under Senior Pastor Donald Sharp.

I accepted my call to preach September 23rd of 1999 at World Harvest Church via [The Laying On of Hands] by Dr. & Apostle Rod Parsley in Columbus Ohio.
I then left my position as a Chicago Police Officer after I enrolled in Living Word Bible Training Center. I graduated from Living Word Bible Training Center’s Ministerial Training Program in June of 2000. This program is under Dr. William S. Winston of Living Word Christian Center-Forest Park Illinois.

I served as one of Dr. Winston’s Youth Pastors for two years [1999-2001]. Then I served in his Baptism Ministry for one year [2001-2002].

In 2003 I was Pastor of Watchmen Ministries briefly in Chicago Illinois.

I have trained under Apostle Walter R. Anderson in the area of End Time Events for most of my life. And I trained under him one year from September of 1999 to September of 2000 in the area of Covenants and Dispensations and also End Time Events.

Prayer Coverings From 2004-2010:

 Alive Ministries in Olympia Fields Illinois, where I was ordained an Elder in the Body of Christ and recognized as a Prophet in the Body of Christ. I served as Assistant Pastor and Minister of Music under Apostle Russell Williams and Prophetess and Evangelist Erselle Williams. Alive Ministries is now located in Memphis Tennessee.

 My Pastoral Work-Watchmen Christian Center in Frankfurt Illinois.

 Cornerstone Christian Center-Chicago Heights Illinois; under Apostle Gregory Howse.

 Soldiers For Christ Evangelistic Ministries Chicago Illinois; under Apostle Bridget Sykes and Pastor Shirley Hughes.

 Hope Bible Church Chicago Illinois; under Bishop Eugene Barber

 Fresh Anointing International Ministries Chicago Illinois; under Bishop Christopher Ellis and Apostle Heidi Ellis.

 Kingdom Builders For Christ; under Apostle William Thomas and Apostle Melonia Thomas

The Lord has also used me in the area of Homeless Advocate.
I Ministered from August of 2008-April of 2009 as Assistant Pastor for a joint homeless feeding Ministry between the Grace Place Episcopal Church-Chicago Illinois and the First United Methodist Church-The Chicago Temple. This work was overseen by Pastor Claude R. King the Assistant Pastor of The First United Methodist Church-The Chicago Temple in Chicago Illinois.

I also appeared as a Homeless Advocate on the 89.5FM Radio Chicago which was carried nationally on September 9, 2008 8:00am-10:00am. I report on abuses going on in Pacific Garden Mission Homeless Shelter. I also reported this work to The U.S. Congress via letter to Congressman Danny K. Davis.

My office as a Prophet was declared to me by The Lord in the summer of 2003 and recognized by many Churches and Ministries and was declared in the earth by the Overseers of Alive Ministries, and recognized by Apostle Bridget Sykes and Pastor Shirley Hughes Overseers of Soldiers For Christ Evangelistic Ministries as well.

The Lord declared me an Apostle in the Body of Christ in the summer of 2007 and an Apostle and National Prophet for the United States of America and other nations as well in February 2008.
My office as an Apostle is recognized by the following ministries:

 Kingdom Builders For Christ Chicago Illinois
Apostle William Thomas and Apostle Melonia Thomas

 Fresh Anointing International Ministries Chicago Illinois
Bishop Christopher Ellis and Apostle Heidi Ellis

 Hope Bible Church Chicago Illinois
Bishop Eugene Barber

 Temple of Prayer and Praise Evangelical Outreach International Ministries Chicago Illinois and Manila Philippine Islands
Apostle Niagra Craig

 Kingdom Builders Faith Ministries Chicago Illinois
Apostle-Niece Hosea

 TLC Ministries Chicago Illinois Apostle Palmer

 House of Prayer Chicago Illinois Apostle John Kim

Radio Work:
Watchmen School of Prophets Broadcasted on Freedom Through Faith Christian Radio carried on Now I’m on WMICC Radio

My Office as a Bishop Declared by Jesus 2011
I have been a Senior Pastor on four occassions-
Watchmen Ministries Christian Center-Chicago, Watchmen Ministries-Chicago, Hope Bible Church-Chicago, & Watchmen School of Prophets

I have been an Assistant Pastor on two occassions-
Kingdom Builders For Christ
Grace Place Feeding Program

My Office as a Bishop is recognized by the following ministries:

Ministries that were under my authority
Watchmen Ministries International South Africa CHCKM
Divine Church India 28 Churches
Divine Church Pakistan 2 Churches
Watchmen Missionaries DubaiUAE

FORMER-Overseeing planting in North Carolina
Watchmen Ministries International Inc.
Watchmen Ministries International Cyber Church
Former-The WMICC Line 530 881 1300 585801# Sunday’s @ 10AM Eastern Time & Tuesday’s 8PM Eastern Time
Former-The Prophetic Voice Deliverance Line 712 432 0075 379687# Every Thursday 9PM Eastern Time

The Lord uses me predominantly in The Gifts of; Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Prophecy, Discernment of Spirits, Speaking in Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, Interpretation of Dreams and Visions; Healing, Miracles and Prophetic Music Ministry.

I submit to The Lord Jesus Christ in any way he wants me to help you.

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ
Bishop Steven E. Anderson
CURRENT Watchmen School of Prophets/House of Prophets
FORMER Watchmen Ministries International Inc.
FORMER Watchmen Ministries International Cyber Church