Have you noticed that many of the things concerning America have fallen to a state of dysfunctionality; The Lord have been showing me glimpses into the spirit realm behind what we are seeing so much of today.

The Lord has shown me that the demonic system known as the Babylonian System is pressing through to the seen realm. Have you noticed the confusion going on in society today; governmental agencies aren’t functioning properly, corporations are not give their customers proper customer service at all and sadly many of the churches in America are not operating in a way that help people.

The Lord has shown me multiply times that He is now beginning to close down many of the demonic systems-[part of the Babylonian System] that have caused so much of the confusion that we are seeing today; some people may think this is a good thing, but the problem with this thinking is when The Lord closes down these systems He uses Judgement to bring things, people and nations into correction.

All of the injustices that we are currently seeing in America are now being exposed and dealt with by The Lord.

You are going to see these and other issues that are far too many to mention in this writing coming into correction and also being exposed.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: For the Remnant; we will be protected.

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Watchman Steven E. Anderson

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