Michael Brown #FERGUSON

By Watchman Steven E Anderson

The African American Community has known for decades the social, economic and political injustices of America. African Americans have suffered at the hands of Caucasian Americans for over 400 years in this land called America. They suffered first as slaves until 1865; 1867 for African Americans living in Texas: then the oppression of African Americans shifted into a political/economic slavery.

Even though there has been sufficient evidence for most African Americans to never trust America-even with an African American President, we still at times want to trust the people that are in authority in this land. Once again America has failed in its responsibility to up hold its own laws of this land on behalf of all its people [white, black or otherwise].

It is sad that the Grand Jury in the #Ferguson case decided to not indict the killer [Officer Darren Wilson] of Mike Brown. They have failed in their duty to protect all Americans from; once again the unjust actions of white police officers in their dealing with African Americans.

District Attorney Robert McCulloch Intentionally Miss Prosecuted This Case

I am a former Chicago Police Gang Crimes Officer, and I have been before Grand Juries many times in Chicago and in my professional opinion States Attorney/District Attorney Robert McCulloch intentionally miss prosecuted this case do to his own deep seated racial resentment for the African American community based on the death of his father at the hands of an African American.

DA McCulloch intentionally; did not suggest a charge to the Grand Jury, intentionally overloaded the Grand Jury with unnecessary witnesses, allowed Darren Wilson to win the hearts of the Grand Jury with 4 hours of his testimony [this allowed the jury to form a bound] and neglect the fact that his testimony contradicted his earlier accounts of his actions and the list goes on and on.

In my professional opinion, it should be noted that DA McCulloch intentionally rush into the Grand Jury process in an effort to throw off not only the State of Missouri’s case against Darren Wilson but also the U.S. Justice Department’s case as well. By presenting so many witnesses that have nothing to do with the original short list of witnesses some of whom were actually white [the two construction workers that stated all he (Mike Brown) was doing was giving up]. DA McCulloch’s actions are designed to flood the U.S. Justice Department’s case with unnecessary transcripts to decipher and more witness accounts that have nothing to do with this case.

The Media/Court of Opinion

DA McCulloch is smart in the sense that he has chosen to cover his miss handling of the Michael Brown murder case by presenting an over load of sound bites in his press conference. The sad part to this is the media is acting like DA McCulloch’s miss direction of the facts to the Grand Jury is actual legal and just for him to do.

In other words; the media is acting like the Judicial System worked and we [African Americans] have somehow once again failed to see the wonderful, glorious process of the great American Judicial System at work. And what is even sadder is they don’t even know that they are wrong for their part in attempting to hide the injustice in this case an all of the other case were minorities have been wronged by the Police/Courts of America.

Caucasian America And Racism

I have noticed that whenever Caucasian Americans are confronted about race in America they run from their own inner fears of African Americans and their own prejudices; and for some they run from their own racial hatred of African Americans.

Race in America has always been a very uncomfortable discussion because in my opinion most Caucasian Americans don’t want to be made to feel guilty for their desire to rule over and oppress people they are afraid of. History has shown that Caucasian Americans see African Americans as a problem in their world of economic dominance. And to share power with a people they so arrogantly ruled over for centuries is to some Caucasians the worst thing that could ever happen to them. In the minds of many Caucasians in American; to share power is to allow the former slaves of the plantation to now have ownership of the plantation: this too many White Americans is simply unacceptable.

The American Government has officially apologized for its part in slavery: the U.S. House in 2008 and the U.S. Senate in 2009; notably immediately after the election of an African American President.

The only problem for America is the hearts of the people of America can’t be governed. People generally are their ideas and thoughts; meaning people act on what they believe verses the laws that govern a land.

I don’t condone the fact that African Americans have burned and looted parts of Ferguson MO; this is unacceptable behavior because this will increase the fear that White Americans already have towards Black Americans but many people outside of the African American community will never know what it is like to not have justice in America every time the police kill one of our children in the streets or see police brutality go un-checked.

White America’s Greatest Fear

White America is waiting for the revolution; they have armed themselves and are arming themselves in preparation for the revolt of all the minorities in America. They are doing this under the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. The sad part about this is it is easier to confront the issue of their role in racism in America then it is to prepare for the fear of minorities revolting. Violence by any race will escalate this issue and not solve it for America.

The Balance Is-White Americans That Truthfully See The Issue

It should be noted that there are millions of White Americans that see this issue of Race In America in its true light. It should be noted that I observed many White Americans protesting all across America concerning Mike Brown and the distrust that Black Americans have in the Judicial System.

Injustice In America Isn’t A Matter Of Race: It’s a Matter Of Rights

The White Americans that are marching across America in protest of the Michael Brown murder are Americans that can see injustice against one person is injustice against all of the people of America. They are seeing; meaning they are possibly understanding that today it’s injustice against African Americans but tomorrow it may be police against college students that don’t like war [Kent State 1970] or injustice against a group of people based upon tradition and social grouping [Bloody Sunday 1972 Northern Ireland].

When authority is unjust and goes unbridled/unchecked it then ceases to function as true authority; and the people of that state then ceases to see it a true authority.

People that live, see and feel the injustice of unjust authority will revolt because they see themselves as having no other alternative in order to survive.

America Has A Very Real Problem And It Better Get It Worked Out Quickly

I do not condone violence of any kind accept for the purpose of defending oneself. It is sad but in my opinion the unjust police shootings of African Americans will slow down because of the attention brought by the protest across America; but the truth is White Police Officers really do hate most African American males and subconsciously  think shoot first when dealing with Black  American Males. I am sure the shootings will rise to the forefront again, and I am sure this is the fear of the parents of not only Michael Brown but also the parents of all African American males.

On a side note, on most police reports Black as the race of the offender is the first choice, in Chicago PD this is stated as “male 1”; one meaning Black. If the offender is a Caucasian he is stated as “male 2”; two meaning White. And everyone knows about DWB aka [Driving While Black unjust traffic stops] and the unjust taxation of African American drivers via excessive moving violation tickets on Black Drivers. The Prison System: enough said.

Racism is truly set in the Judicial/Law Enforcement System of America and America must address it quickly because a country divided cannot stand.

I may be one of the first to say it but I see the end of America as we know it if America does not get a handle on this problem; meaning America has enjoyed the convenience of watching many parts of the world fall apart and change its governmental structure, but America will watch itself implode if it does not operate justly concerning its own people.

Remember, history has always shown that any-people that are oppressed will eventually revolt for the purpose of justice.


Watchman Steven E Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc.


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10686842_631381550304738_3619086376767959242_nFor My Remnant/Obedient Ones in America, I The Lord of Host will provide protection for you  from the storms of America’s season of judgement.

I The Lord will cover you from the storms over America. I will cover you from the storms coming to America. You will see harsh conditions in your country, like you have never seen before. But I will secretly provide for you My Remnant-Obedient Church.

All that will be needed is your obedience to Me [Deuteronomy 28:1-14]. Now is the time for you to listen to Me like never before in order to have your provisions. You will need to draw nearer to Me in order for Me to lead you to where I have stockpiled your provisions for this season of harshness in your land.

I will appoint Good Prophets and Good Apostles to help you [Jeremiah 3:15]. I will be with you in all that you do. I will not let the enemy overpower you as you have seen lately in the media; where people have killed themselves and others.

I The Lord of Host will fight your battles against the people that hate you; and you will see them fail at their schemes. You will see them fall around you in death and sickness; as I have stated many times in My Word for those who work against My Anointed Ones.

But For those who are obedient to Me. You will experience more joy in your lives; more happiness in your lives, more time for your families and friends. And you will have new friends. Friends of like precious faith, that you can share your thoughts with and not be criticized.

For those of you who are single and have a desire to be married. You will see your spouses; and you will match up perfectly. For I will guide you to them and I will provide for your houses. I will freely give you all that is needed and you will enjoy your marriages.

For many of you that are married, I will breathe new life into your marriages; for this past season of trials and tests have been long and hard for you. And you have borne many burdens. But there will be a new season for your marriages; it’s on the horizon now. A season of prosperity and refreshed feels of love.

For those of you whose marriages are broken. I release you from those died relationships now; so you can find new spouses or pursue singleness. As I have stated in My Word divorce is permitted when there is hardness of heart issues—[one or both insist on being out of the marriage]. Deuteronomy24:1-4 & Mark10:4.

For My Remnant: walk in your new season of life you will see this things surely come to pass. Look for your provisions to come to you as I continue to receive your obedience.

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ

Watchman Steven E. Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc. http://www.wmicc.com/

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The Blockade of Capitol Hill & The White House

Watchman Steven E Anderson

The Blockade of Capitol Hill & The White House.

As I follow recent events concerning the U.S. Government, I have noticed a recurring theme that rises to the surface again and again when I look at our governmental system. The Republic System of Government [Three Equally Powered Branches of Government aka Checks & Balances] was designed in part to be a buffer to the Democratic System of Government where 51% of whatever the people want, the people receive [A True Democracy aka Majority Rules]. One can see that the Democratic System would be quite chaotic if every time public opinion changed we had to change a law; or something in the way we run our government. However I have noticed that the Republic System’s flaws are rising to the surface more then every today as Congress and the White House refuse to cooperate.

On the outside the Republic System looks every healthy as you look at the letter of the law, but there is a problem that some people have been complaining about for some time now; this is the Lobby System. This is the legalized “air quote” system of bribery that exists in the American government. This system has been used by various businesses and social factions in America to achieve the goals of the entities that use this system. The problem is that this system has taken the focus off of what is primarily good for the people of America. The focus should always be on what are the needs of all the people in America; instead of what are the desires of the Republican/Democratic Parties or the rich/businesses in America? Sometimes it may be the furtherance of big business or the protection of the people from some threat that has arisen that requires action from our representatives on Capitol Hill and The White House. It is good to have a government in place that provides for all the people of its country, irregardless of social power or the lack there-of.

Lately I have noticed that the Congress and Senate have grown very detached from the basic and primary needs of the people they have been called upon to represent. I see that Congress as a whole has-for the most part moved away from caring for the basic needs on its people. Now I see that they have self-proclaimed agendas that are not attached to the needs of the people they have been elected to serve. I have also noticed that President Obama does not have the power that he once had to sway congress. He speaks eloquently as he always did but now the speeches do not have the power to change the minds of Congress as they once did before. The system of checks and balances have become a problem-so it would seem.

I think Congress and the Senate have created their own little world in DC. I think they have created a top floor penthouse atmosphere and in their minds they have deluded themselves into believing they are still serving the basic and primary needs of the people in America. They don’t take the elevator down to the ground floor much anymore; they seem to have everything they need in their penthouse so in their minds they don’t see the need to interact with the rest of America.

The rest of America has basic needs that super seed congress’  ideologies and selfish goals of power retention.

The Lobby System of America has fueled the blindness of Congress to interact with its people. Power Retention is the other thing that has fueled the blindness of American government.

Selfish ambition is one of the main problems in American government. When elected officials forgets the needs of the people and pursues their own selfish vision for the country, this is a dangerous place for the country to be in.

America’s Dangerous Place: Congress’ inability to relate to its own people.

Generally people in America are not elected to an office based upon their ability to function properly in that office. People in America are elected based upon their ability to market/advertise. The person that can market themselves is the person that wins the elections. Many people do not take the time to research a politician’s back ground through enough to make an informed decision to elect that person to office. Also the pool of honest, hard working people that want to run for office has dwindled significantly. In today’s society the people that are running for office usually do not have the character and integrity to be in the offices they are running for. Many elections have candidates where both/all are people with bad character and integrity; and Americans are generally so busy they do not have the time to research the people they are voting for.

Again it should be noted that in this last Mid-Term Election; only 36% of registered voters voted. 

Americans are usually encouraged to vote, so what happened with this voting cycle? Americans are growing more and more frustrated with politics. The politicians that are running for every primary and general election are, for lack of a better way to put this; usually bad people. I have seen this time and time again where the people that are elected and have the political power they have sought to gain, change and revert back to their true bad behavior. Note: I am born and raised in Chicago where more then 50 Chicago Alderman/City Officials have gone to prison in the last 40 years, also congressmen and four of the last seven Illinois-Governors have gone to prison including two back to back governors going away to prison. This is a good example of in-effective leadership in government. And for America there have been many Congressmen and Senators that have gone to prison. And for Presidents there have been several that have just missed going to prison. 

America is in a dangerous place when its own government fails to meet the basic needs of the people of America.

America is failing it’s people by not operating as a functioning government because of each political parties’-[Republicans and Democrats] own selfish desires out-weighing the needs of the people of America.

In Closing: the blockade of Capitol Hill and The White House will be a key component in the down-fall of America if not corrected in the very near future. 10291105_634600149982878_294467528950466946_n

Jesus said and I quote: “A kingdom that is divided cannot stand as a kingdom” Matthew12:25.

Watchman Steven E Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc. http://www.wmicc.com/

House of Prophets

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Watchman Steven E Anderson


I was talking to The Lord about the violence we are seeing in America; He told me that only those that live holy will be protected.

The Lord said; the protection stated in His Word [Psalm 91] is only for those that are in His secret place. The Lord said-people cannot dwell in His secret place if they do not live holy.

Question: where do people think the secret place is? There are people that are thinking they are in Jesus’ secret place while they are in a backslidden state. Picture it this way; while they are having sex with their sex partners they are right in front of The Throne of God committing filth regularly in the presence of The Lord-[His Secret Place]. People that are living like this have miss understood His Word.

We must live holy today to have our hedge sealed. This is not the time to backslide. This is not the time to try to calculate how much sin can be done before Jesus brings correction. This is not the time for planning a weekend of sex and alcohol with the intention of asking Jesus for forgiveness before Sunday service.

Anyone today that is participating in this kind of life style should know they are taking their lives into their own hands; and may not get the chance to say Lord forgive me. Anyone living this kind of life may find themselves crying out-Lord please, please don’t throw me in hell as they are exiting their bodies-seeing the demons they invited into their lives via fornication and sexual debauchery.

The Holy Spirit has shown me hell and I have seen the pit where many fornicators go; it truly is beyond words the heat, pain and suffering that goes on there.

There are too many scriptures in the Word of God that says-evil life styles bring separation from The Lord.

Hebrews 10:26-31
Matthew 13:6,7
John 15: 1-10
Galatians 5:21
Colossians 1:13
Revelation 3:5

I hope that people don’t take any chances with their salvation.

I Love Everyone.

Watchman Steven E Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc. http://www.wmicc.com/

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Get There



Watchman Steven E Anderson

This Is A True Story As Revealed By The Lord:

The Names Are Not Given.

This is the true story of a Pastor of a church; who shall remain nameless: that killed his own wife in the spirit and it manifested in the natural realm [she shall remain nameless as well]. This Pastor took the title of Apostle; his wife was a true Apostle in the Body of Christ. They had a physical church/ministry and a Facebook presence for their ministry as well. They would post encouraging things and their church’s activities on their accounts [the husband’s and the wife’s accounts]. The wife in the past battled cancer and defeated it; she was walking in her victory over that disease, when her husband began to participate in extra marital affairs-as in adultery with a few women. Her husband was handsome and so he was desired by many women; he had affairs with several women out side of his marriage and did not use protection with many of them.

This pastor operated at a very low level of revelation knowledge as to how the spirit realm operated and how the Kingdom of Heaven operated as well. He was always posting on Facebook encouragement, encouragement; and never posted anything about judgement. In fact The Lord further revealed to me that he did not like any ministry on Facebook that posted anything about God judging people for not repenting from adultery and he would regularly speak against such ministries at his church for posting words about repentance and God’s judgement coming.

This pastor/husband’s adultery and lack of understanding as to how uniting his body with these other women’s bodily fluids causes their cells [via sexual transference of fluids to him] to be in his body. Now the cells of the women that he had sex with are now inside his own body because he had unprotected sex with many of these women and protected sex with some of the women.


This man also operated in a very low level of knowledge concerning the spiritual realm. In the spirit realm he exposed his wife’s body to demonic activity as well; she began to think and speak harshly to others. She became increasingly angry with her members at church and was hostile towards anyone that her husband said he didn’t like; this last part of course was her being a good wife in defending her husband but the added stress placed even more of a toll on her system. The false apostle [the husband] has of course not told his congregation about his affairs [which actually caused his wife’s death] to this very day. He in fact has blamed his wife’s death on believe it or not the people on Facebook and others claiming that they were speaking against his wife and that is why she had a relapse concerning cancer and died.   

The Woman of God; the true Apostle of that church pasted away leaving a church full of angry people that where mad at the people that her husband blamed for his wife’s death; when it was actually the husband and head of their church that killed her. Many people don’t actually know what sex does in and to the physical body; they don’t know that an exchange of bodily fluids is an exchange of body cells.

DNA carries genetic cells that define life characteristics in bodies: now think, when DNA cells of one person meet up with the DNA cells of another person what happens?  They mix; meaning the cells mix together and are dwelling in the same body together. This is what killed this pastor’s wife. She was killed by the foreign cells of the other women her husband had sex with. The Woman of God was unaware of her husband’s sexual misconduct because she trusted him and thus did not stop having sex with him.  To this very day his congregation still thinks, because of what he told them; that people on Facebook and others spoke against his wife and that is what caused her death. Actually it was his unprotected sex with other women that killed her.

When we at Watchmen Ministries International speak against sex outside of marriage it is because Jesus has trained us in Spiritual Warfare, Defeating witchcraft and many other areas concerning how the Kingdom of Heaven and the Spirit Realm operates. People generally don’t understand the exchange that happens when they are having sex with someone outside of the Covenant of Marriage. That is why everyone must make sure they are married to a spouse that understands what happens during sex, and wont violate the Marriage Covenant.

The husband is the head of the household and if the head of the household opens up the door for satan to come into his marriage and household then satan is invited. Many people don’t see it this way but just because they are ignorant to how satan operates [2 Corinthians 2:11] and also ignorant to how the spirit realm operates that does not stop satan from coming into a marriage when one of the spouse opens the door for him.

The Word of The Lord Say: Genesis 2:24 KJV 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Mark 10:8 Amp And the two shall become one flesh, so that they are no longer two, but one flesh. Ephesians 5:31 NLT 31 As the Scriptures say, “A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.


The Covenant of Marriage: is the spiritual and physical protection of the marriage and the two people in the Marriage. You see the two people become one flesh; now if one of the spouses brings in another peoples’ DNA/cells and also the demonic activity of another person into a marriage, it will breakdown the bodies of both people in that marriage because of the cells and demons of other people being introduced into the bodies of the spouses via sex outside of the Marriage Covenant. This will tear down the bodies of the married people and vice-versa concerning the people outside of the marriage as well.

You see when people cheat on their spouse in a marriage the DNA/Cells of another person is being illegally brought into the body of the other spouse. This will harm the spouse. How? BECAUSE THE PHYSICAL PART OF THE SPIRTUAL LAW IS BEING BROKEN AS WELL AS THE SPIRITUAL LAW IS BEING BROKEN.  The person doing the cheating is in truth illegally bringing another person or persons into the marriage making it three or four people… becoming one flesh; and the cells/DNA of the other people doesn’t mix with the cells of the two people in the marriage. This is the reason you must make sure you aren’t married to a person that is cheating on you [2 Corinthians 6:14].   

As you can see spouses cheating is a very very serious problem in a marriage. It could and has killed many people. It is a scientific event as well as a spiritual event when people are having sex. Sex outside of marriage is very dangerous; there is no such thing as casual sex; you must never have any sex outside of the protection [spiritual and physical] of The Marriage Covenant.

Sadly this false pastor/apostle killed his wife with promiscuous sex; make sure you protect yourself and your spouse and pray and ask The Lord to reveal to you if your spouse is cheating: life or death may depend on it.

I know God’s Grace is needed to protect people in this area.    

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ

Watchman Steven E Anderson Overseer 

House of Prophets/Watchmen School of Prophets 




Watchman Steven E Anderson

What if people in the church stopped practicing witchcraft?

What if people in the church stopped reading horoscopes?
What if people in the church stopped calling psychics?
What if people in the church stopped casting spells?
What if people in the church stopped throwing salt?
What if people in the church stopped planting pennies?
What if people in the church stopped writing incantations on pieces of paper and planting them in people’s houses?
What if people in the church stopped cooking people’s affairs in pots?
What if people in the church stopped doing these things talking about these are old blessings my grandmother taught me to do?

But these people in the church know they’re not blessing people; they are trying to get control of people or take revenge against people, that’s what they are really trying to do.

For those that are doing these things; keep on playing with satan and see what will happen to you.

Watchman Steven E Anderson

Watchmen Ministries International Inc.

House of Prophets



Watchman Steven E. Anderson
Thus Saith The Lord:

I am lifting My Protective covering from all who profess to be Christians but their lives do not reflect their Confession of Faith-[The Rebellious Church In America]. You will see their down fall I have spoken of time and time again through My Prophets and Watchmen. You will see their true natures exposed; their secret agendas, their hidden sins and their evil lifestyles.

This is the season of exposure for The Rebellious Church in America. This is the season of pain and suffering for all that have a form of Godliness but are denying My Power.

You who are faithful will not see My Protection lifted from your lives. I The Lord; promise you hear and now: that your days will be filled with plenty. Your houses will be full of My Provision and all the Blessings I have stated in My Word [Deuteronomy 28:1-14] for those who obey Me.

But My Wrath awaits those who have abandoned My Plan for their lives. You will begin to see this happening more and more. It is happening now but you will see/notice My Judgement rising to a new height; a new level more and more.

This is the season of exposure for all those whose lives do not reflect what their position is in their churches-[Those Rebellious Churches].

This is the season of exposure for The Rebellious Church in America.

I The Lord of Host Have Spoken:

Under The Authority of The Lord Jesus Christ
Watchman Steven E. Anderson
House of Prophets/Watchmen School of Prophets


cover 350

Watchman Steven E. Anderson

Most of the people in the Church today don’t understand how The Lord uses Watchmen/Watchwomen; that is why they end up working against Watchmen.

[See This]-The building is on fire and it’s late at night; the Watchman/Watch-Woman runs through the building screaming fire, fire, while people are asleep.

[The Building=The Church]

[Night=Gross Darkness in the Land]

[Asleep=Complacency and Comfortable]

People on a different floor don’t see the smoke or the fire. So they think we [Watchmen] are crazy, judgmental or some kind of off Hell-Fire and Brimstone Preachers. People that are sleep don’t like to be disturbed. So the Watchmen get abused; spoken against, stoned and their gifts pushed out of the Church for making noise [waking people up].

Watchmen get abused until people see the smoke. Then they say oh that Man of God or that Woman of God was so accurate/on point. We need to listen. Saul held the coats of them that stoned Stephen. He and all that stoned Stephen thought they were doing God a favor. The Word of God gives many places when people in leadership moved against The Lord’s Anointed thinking they were right.

Ecclesiastes says history repeats itself; there is nothing new under the sun. Wake up: look around at America, really look hard; the social make up, the politics, the schools etc. Take a real hard look and you will see clearly that now is the time to call on Jesus. Now is the time to draw near to Jesus like never before.

Husbands will not be able to deliver us, wives will not be able to deliver us, girlfriends and boyfriends will not be able to deliver us; the educational system will not be able to deliver us, the politicians will not be able to deliver us and the police will not be able to deliver us. Jesus is the only one that can deliver us.

Don’t be afraid because Jesus will deliver us: The Remnant-[all that are in His Secret Place]. Read Psalm 91. Our duty is to get to Jesus’ Secret Place, He said draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. Now is the time more then ever before for us to focus on our personal relationship with Jesus.

James 4:8 KJV Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

James 4:8 NLT Come close to God and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world

Watchman Steven E. Anderson







Fake Man of God: there is too much sex in your ministry!

  • The Church Mothers in the church can’t receive your massage because you had sex with many of their daughters’ and they now see you looking at their granddaughters.
  • The single women in the church can’t receive your message because you dated half of them and had sex with half of the ones you dated.
  • The single men in the church can’t receive your message because you dated half the women in the church and some of them are their current girl-friends.
  • The married women in the church can’t receive your massage because you had sex with some of them and they are still hoping their husbands don’t find out about it as you have bragged to some of your friends about the affairs.
  • The married men in the church can’t receive your message because they heard you may have had sex with their wives.
  • The gay men in the church can’t receive your message because one of them got you drunk and had oral sex with you and told the other gay men in the choir; now they know there is a chance they can have you too.
  • The young teenaged girls in the church can’t receive your massage because when you talk to them you look at them flirtatiously.

And the saddest thing about you Fake Man of God; is the young teenaged boys in the church want to be just like you: a hypocrite that preaches something he doesn’t live and gets an offering to do it.




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Bishop Steven E Anderson



wpid-img_336173501803331.jpegFAKE WOMAN OF GOD

Fake Woman of God: there is too much sex in your ministry!

  • The Church Mothers in the church can’t receive your message because your dress is so short and tight they want to rap a sheet around you while you preach.
  • The men in the church can’t receive your message because they are looking in lust at your short tight dress and your 6” heels with 2” platforms as they think about having sex with you.
  • The single women in the church can’t receive your message because you dated their current boyfriend; now they’re going to ask him if he had sex with you.
  • The single men in the church can’t receive your message because your ex-boyfriends told them what you do in the bedroom.
  • The married women in the church can’t receive your message because they are wondering what their husbands think about what you’re wearing as your preach.
  • The married men in the church can’t receive your message because they are lusting after you in their minds and know their wives are going to ask them about what you have on when church is over; and they’re going to lie.
  • The gay men in the church think your outfit is cute. NOT LOL!
  • The lesbians in the church…
  • The young teen-aged boys in the church…

And the saddest thing: Fake Woman of God is the young teenaged girls in the church want to be just like you: a hypocrite that preaches something she doesn’t live and gets an offering to do it. THE DEACONS GOSSIP ABOUT THESE THINGS AND TELL THE PASTORS. THE PASTORS KNOW THESE THINGS AND STILL LET YOU PREACH.

All Rights Reserved: House of Prophets 2k14 Watchman Steven E Anderson

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Overseer Steven E Anderson-Watchmen School of Prophets/House of Prophets